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App Features

Whether you're looking for a serene kayak launch point or need access to a 24-hour facility, Boat Ramp Locator is your ultimate boat trip planner.


Extensive Database

Search a wide range of locations, from secluded hand launch spots to 24-hour facilities. Our database is meticulously curated to provide accurate up-to-date information about each ramp.


Enhanced Search Filters

Whether you're looking for a saltwater or freshwater locations, our filters have you covered. Tailor your search to include hand launch sites for small boats or focus on stand-alone ramps for public use.


Fullscreen & Satellite Views

Get a bird's eye view of boat launches ahead of time, allowing you to explore locations and plan trips from the comfort of your device.


Detailed Facility Information

We provide essential details, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.


Check out our FAQ to find information about the most frequently asked topics.

What if I find incorrect information?

If you come across any discrepancies or outdated information, please let us know using the contact form. We appreciate user feedback as it helps us maintain the accuracy and quality of our database.

Can I access the app offline?

Currently, the app requires an internet connection to access the most up-to-date boat ramp information and maps. We're continually working to enhance the app's capabilities, including potential offline features in the future.

Can I save my favorite boat ramps?

Saving your favorite boat ramps is a feature we're excited to introduce in an upcoming premium update. This will allow you to easily mark and access your preferred ramps for future trips. Stay tuned for updates and more details on how to access this enhanced functionality!

Are there any fees to use the app?

Nope! As of right now, all features of the app are available for free. This includes access to our boat ramp database, search filters, and varied map views. Premium features may become available in future updates with additional benefits.